Write Amharic every day with the first Amharic laptop in the world!

Finally, it is easy to write in amharic, anytime from anywhere.

ላፕቶፑን ለማየት
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One fidel per key

Amharic typing for everybody through an exclusive patented system

High performance laptop

FUJITSU quality Intel fifth generation microprocessor and high end graphics card

Efficient environment

Discover the Ubuntu Operating System used by 40+ million people worldwide

Amharic mono-touch

Use one-stroke fidel keys for the most frequent characters (covers 80% of uses). All other characters are available through a combination of keys

Ge'ez characters in native mode

The Ubuntu version tailored specifically for this laptop gives native access to Ge'ez characters as opposed to the application-based solutions

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A powerful Fujitsu with an amharic keyboard

This FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK A555G is a high-end laptop designed for nomad everyday work.

Its Intel® CoreTM i5-5200U processor is the fifth generation of Intel chips, specifically created to reduce the energy consumption of the device. You can work longer while on battery with no drop in the overall performance of your applications.

It comes with an AMD RadeonTM R7 M260 graphics card with 2GB dedicated memory, enabling full HD display for an optimal visual rendition.

You will experience no shortage of memory with its 4GB RAM, and 1TB Hard Disk Drive memory.

This great hardware runs a customised version of Ubuntu, enabling for full support of both English and Amharic languages.

Guenet Ayele Review

This laptop is the first visible result of a larger project aimed at promoting Amharic in our modern world.

This project is centered around a review I am creating that will gather Amharic texts and resources in order to make them available to a worldwide audience. Have a look!

Discover the Review

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